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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Late Valentine (I tried) & CED Update

First, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day. I made a pretty digital card on my Hallmark program to post on my blogs for you, but then I couldn't get it to upload. So I went to a different program and tried to make another one, but got frustrated and gave up. I'm new to the digital art. Anyway, I tried. :)

Also, I'm waaaaaaaaaaay behind on answering comments and emails, but I WILL answer soon. I appreciate and enjoy all of your visits soooooo much!

Okay, now for what I've been up to creatively this week, amidst hubby being here and company every day and dishwashing and cooking...the house looks like it's NEVER been cleaned and we have company coming today also.

I've spent quality time with hubby watching movies/tv every night. Does that count? :)

I thought I'd show you all of my efforts this week. The scanner didn't want to scan the pencil sketches for some reason, but maybe you can tell a little about them. Most are not finished yet. The scanner left a weird color on Mama Mia, but I liked it so I left it. :) Okay here goes:

Monday-I did a double page doodle sketch in my Moly sketchbook, which has slick beige pages, and experimented with Golden fluid acrylics. I enjoyed them for a change. They are transparent and work similar to watercolors. The photo of it is here.

Tuesday-Another doodle sketch, this time in my M watercolor book, and I layed in a two-color wc wash over the whole page and the image I pulled out. I looked through my sketches for entries for challenges I play in. That was a trip. I also painted a second layer of fluid acrylics on the "Hart" canvas WIP (photo in previous post) and read some wonderful blogs for inspiration. I also discovered that the licenses for the nearly 500 songs on my mp3 player had expired because I cancelled my membership to Rhapsody, and I couldn't play the songs there or on my pc either. I didn't understand how things work with them. I hadn't even heard all the freebies that I had downloaded. I got very creative trying to figure out what happened. Boy, was I ticked! I must have my music. I will get them back hopefully.

Wednesday-I layed in wc washes on a big yellow dog that I had doodle sketched a few weeks ago, then did a dbl pg sketch in the M sketchbook and layed in some wc washes on it. Also read a few blogs.

Thursday-I made photos of two challenge entries, edited and added digital text to both, and posted (the two in the post before this one), did a dbl pg doodle (didn't draw the image out) in the M sketchbook, played with digital imagery some on and read some blogs

Friday-I read a few blogs, drew the image out of yesterday's doodle, added handwritten words to it, then did another double pg doodle and drew the image and words out of it. I haven't added color to these yet. I added some written words to a previous journal entry, and added a layer of white gouach to the orangy spattered background pages I posted previously, drawing out a couple of images and adding a little texture. Then I set up a doll in a lace dress, made photos, edited, and posted on my other blog for the IMT challenge, which is lace. I also wrote the story behind the dress there. I rode with hubby to a nearby town to get cattle feed, enjoyed the scenery, we got ice cream at the Sonic and enjoyed it on the ride back home.

Saturday-Sent valentine to email buddies, experimented/played with the drawing tools in my Hallmark card program and made a pretty valentine with "drawn" flowers on it and pretty words to put on my blogs. I was so proud of myself. Then it wouldn't upload to my blog, so I changed programs and tried to make another one, got frustrated, and gave up. I loved the doodle line option though. I also did a doodle sketch and pulled the image out in the M sketchbook. I added written words to it and added some touches to the sketch I did Tuesday. I'm thinking she needs more. Then I made a "creative" stew for supper, which means I cleaned out the fridge and cabinet. It was tasty though. :)

Sunday-I did a doodle sketch and pulled out the image in the M watercolor book, outlined it in black sharpie, and scanned all these images in. I wrote this post, which took a fair amount of finagling and effort to get all these pictures and words situated. Sorry I didn't do it better, but my pictures starting disappearing , so I quit while I was ahead. ;)

Coming up: The air dry clay that I've been softening is now plenty soft and moist, maybe too much so. I've never played with this kind of clay before so it will be a challenge that I'm looking forward to. It's patiently waiting for me to get time to play at making a doll. Will keep you posted on that one. Nettie, the belly dancing art doll has been patiently waiting for her embellishments for weeks. Maybe I will find just the right ones soon and I can show her to you.

Hope you haven't been too bored, and maybe some of the pix made you smile. Have a blessed week and keep creating and playing! :)


sema said...

wonderful to read about your creative journey this week

marianne said...

hi sharon- thanks forvisiting me & commenting on the hearts- especially because it led me to your blog- i love your doodles & look forward to reading more-

Carolyn said...

Sharon, I enjoyed reading you blog for this week and looking at your images. I love your work! When you're working with digital images and are trying to upload have to make sure you are saving them as JPEG/JPG images. My Hallmark program won't let me save in that format. There are ways to get around this...but would take too much room to write it out here. Write me if you need some help when you do this again. I would need to know what other software you're using and what you have on your computer.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't bored at all!! ;)
Your work is delightful--put a big old grin on my face!!

I look forward to my next visit!

Anonymous said...

wow! your having quite a creative week! i love your doodles and sketches, and i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks it's nice to sketch in pen! :)

Genie Sea said...

My goodness I love your pages! How full of color and vivid imagination. :)

artjunk said...

I love alllll of your drawings!!!!!!!!