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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Creative Every Day Challenge

WOW! Three posts in one day! That's a record for me. :) I've also posted my creative endeavors for the "Getting to the HeART of it" festival on Valentine's day (click on the exploring my heart badge on the sidebar for details) and this week's Arty Girlz challenge. Now for this week's Creative Every Day creativity efforts.

I've been faithful in keeping a log of what I'm doing, which hasn't been that much this week, I'm afraid. We had a death in the family and my husband got home. He's retired now, so I'm going to have to get creative about my creative time, I guess. :)

Art Journal Pages

Monday...Mama and I had breakfast at the truck stop in town with my aunt and her family. We don't get to see them often. We had some creative conversation over chocolate gravy and biscuits, which was delicious. Back at home I read some inspiring blogs and typed some email letters to friends. I also worked on softening up some air dry clay that had hardened in the box. I added water to it. I had had it so long that when I got the urge to use it to make a doll it was already hard as a rock. :)

Tuesday...I decided to do one of my doodle drawings on a gallery wrapped canvas (below), drew out the image, and layed in the base colors in acrylics. The colors are not exactly accurate and there is a glare at the top, but you get the idea. She is playing a stringed "hart" (a cross between a heart and a harp). I'll post another photo when I finish it. I also posted some journal art and wrote comments to go with it for the HeArt Festival on my writing blog. Read some inspiring blogs. Worked on the clay some more.

Work In Progress-canvas ptg
Wednesday...Answered emails, thought of challenge ideas, touched up a painting done previously, danced with joy, and finally figured out how to add a cute background to my blog, however, after several try-ons couldn't find one that fit and left it plain for the time being. The clay was beginning to soften.

Thursday...It was beautiful, but cold, day and Sammidog and I took the long way around through the woods and fields to check on the cows. The big pond has an ice skim fozen over it and the sun was shining on it and the ochre/sienna colored sage grass around it. Beautiful. We had a good time. Also did a lot of online reading while I thawed out. The clay was getting very soft and moist.

Friday... Mama and I took an hour's drive each way through beautiful, unfamiliar country, crossing the bridge with spectacular views of the river on either side, to pick up hubby. It was a beautiful day for a drive in the country. My clay finally softened back up, so as soon as I have time, I'm going to try an art doll out of it.

Saturday... I did a small doodle sketch and painted it for this week's artygirlz challenge, and picked out an art journal page for the HeART Fest. Read online. Had a long, creative nap.

Sunday...Made photos of art and posted for challenges (see two previous posts--today's date) and added digital touches (the words and the digital spiral) to the art journal pages shared on this post, which are watercolor and black sharpie. That's it so far. If I do anything else today I will come back and add it. Now I need to get creative with housecleaning. :) Thanks for visiting! Have a great week.


Julie said...

Beautiful as always Sharon

Thanks for joining in with another Arty Girlz challenge

Julie x

Leah said...

You're on fire! Love it! I'm really liking your dancing woman.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon - thanks for visiting, and for the kind comment. Your blog is lovely...your life sounds so lovely...all that art, books, children, animals...sounds like what I'm striving for!

crissi said...

wow love this pieces sharon

Carolyn said...

I enjoyed reading your blog journal for last week...and I love your work "When your heart sings, let your feet dance!"

Sharon said...

Gosh, I enjoy all of that. And did you work out the creative housework thing. I could use some hints or tips on that.
And I love your banner.