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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Creative Every Day Challenge

I'm still playing and experimenting and having a blast doing it!

This is one of the journal pages I did this week. It's a watercolor sketch in my Moleskine sketchbook.
I didn't know you could hear butterflies, but you can. I was sitting outside last summer watching Jim do something and it was very quiet. All of a sudden a large yellow/black butterfly flew right over my shoulder next to my right ear. It was a very soft, fast thumping sound. I was so thrilled to have heard one. (It doesn't take a lot to amuse me, does it? :))

I also took some photos of Sammidog in his woolly lined coat that mama got him for Christmas. It was freezing out, but he didn't like the coat at all. It was a little snug since he's fattened up some. (See the cat in the background looking at him like he's stupid?) It wasn't long before the coat was laying in the yard and he was back in his house snuggled up. I managed to get a couple of pictures though. Here's one. Watch for more on my other blog.
Also, I continue to do my doodle sketches, at least one, every day and I did some sketching at night while watching TV, plus I finished the last assignment for a two year course on writing a novel this week. And I re-styled my hair, using actual hair curlers, which I hadn't used in years.

Sammiedog and I had to walk to check on the cows Saturday, because the four wheeler wouldn't start. That was a creative/playful experience in itself. It was very cold and quiet, but we enjoyed the walk immensely. You can see, hear, and experience so much more walking than you can over the roar of an atv. We could hear the birds, and the ground crunching under our feet. The ponds had a lot of ice on them, which was beautiful in the sunlight. We found a new baby calf curled up near a bush with his mama close by. My mind was whirling with images by the time we got back to the house and Sammidog had a blast running all over the fields.

Wish I had carried my camera with me, but I didn't. Would love to have shared it with you in pictures.

Below is a double page I did in my Moleskine sketchbook, which has cream colored pages, this morning. I used paint instead of my pencil to do my doodle sketch for a change. I haven't decided yet whether to draw the images out or collage and write something over it. It'll come to me, hopefully while I'm clearing some of the dust out of the house. :)
These pages were made using crimson and yellow ochre pan watercolors. I used a little too much water and one of the pages buckled a little, but it will straighten out. I used a hake brush to swipe the two colors all over the pages, let them settle a little, then dripped clear water around on them, let it settle some, then spattered red, then ochre, all over. Then, because I had used too much water and it was standing on the pages, I tilted the book and let it run. Finally, I used a blow dryer to blow it around and help it dry. This is what I wound up with.

I can see all sorts of images living together in there. Can you? :)

Anyway, these are some of the creative things I've been up to this week. Hope you enjoy. Wish I had more pictures to show you. Maybe next time. :)
Thanks for visiting and Have a wonderful, magical, creative week!


Leah said...

Ooo, I love your creative energy here!! So fabulous! I love that you heard a butterfly and I love your playing. :-)

Genie Sea said...

Gorgeous colors and whimsical images in your work! Lovely! :)

Your dog is so delightful! :)

Sharon/BabyBoomerQueen said...

Your blog is very creative.
I truly enjoyed it.
I found you though a Google-baby boomer search, that comes daily.
I hope you will come visit my blog when you have time and perhaps we can have a cup of tea.

Southern miles and world peace,
~THe Baby Boomer Queen~