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Saturday, January 10, 2009

3 Challenges in 1 + A Prison Escape

This double journal page is my entry for 3 challenges this week. Arty Girlz' challenge is "anything but a card". Inspire Me Thursday's challenge is "fuse". So I'm sharing journal pages, on which I'm "fusing" my art and writing together. I plan to write a little story around the words on the page to go with the picture, which I will then share on my writing blog Scribbles From Rabbit Hop. It's also one of the four double journal pages I've done this week for the Creative Every Day 2009 challenge.

It's a quirky journal sketch in my Moleskine sketchbook, done in ultra fine black sharpie, wc/pencils, and a touch of white gouashe. I was going for a dreamy feel. The letters were added digitally.

I wish the colors were better. The lady's hat is really purple. I couldn't get it adjusted. Maybe the colors don't look too garish on your pc. I promise it looks better in reality. I have to find a better place to make my photos. My dining room light is flourescent with a yellow cast and my walls are kind of a paprika color. Not too good for art pictures. :)

It's pouring rain here, and they called me early this morning that they've had a prison escape. They've never done that before. They usually catch them pretty quick, and often a female guard has helped them escape. The prison is about four miles from us and it houses murderers, rapists, etc. They didn't say which direction they thought he/they went.

Hubby left Wed. and I haven't checked the cows since then, so I really need to do so today, which is a little scary, since I have to ride through woods and fields. Maybe they will catch him/them pronto. Maybe I'll just stay in with the doors locked. This is another one of those times when the Be Brave challenge applies (see button on side for link). Makes me glad Sammidog adopted us, although he'd come nearer loving them to death than attacking. He's still mostly pup. Like I said, not too many dull moments around here. :)

Hope my sleepflyer makes you smile. Have a great, creative weekend!


Julie said...

sFantastic as always Sharon!!

Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge

Julie x

Brynna said...

I love this. The colors look great on my computer. I also really like the words they go great with the image. That is so scary about the prison escape - it is good that they warn you. Stay safe!

soulbrush said...

this is terrific, what an interesting life you have with escaped convicts lurking in the neighbourhood.

crissi said...

Stunning journal pages sharon the colours are beautiful,

Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

crissi xx

Genie Sea said...

Magical! Wow! :)Love the colors. They pop!

Sharon said...

Oh I do like your sleepflyer (a new term for me) The colors look great to me and I'm so glad the prisoner was found.

Lynn said...

I am strolling through your blog and enjoying ALL of your wonderful art.
such fun is happening here!
Thanks for coming to my blog today!
Do return when you have a free minute. I'll be back here too.