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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Inspire Me Thurs & Tissue Carnation

The challenge for this week at inspire me Thursday was a handmade gift. I'm running a bit late on it. I was dressing an art doll to share, but ran out of time.

Yesterday, I got to thinking about my grandmother teaching me to make paper flowers when I was little (I'm going to write an article on my other blog about it soon), and wondered if I could still make them. I didn't have any crepe paper or colored tissues, so I used a white tissue, dipped in wc and let dry, then folded, cut, tied, and seperated into this little carnation. I used a wire bread tie, because that is what I had handy, and I put it in an old glass Vicks Salve jar. It just may turn up ON someone's gift at Christmas. :)

Have a great day!


Kirsten said...

Very pretty! :) I remember making those when I was little too - but I can't quite remember how to anymore.

Sharon said...

Talking about your grandmother teaching you to make flower brought back great memories of my grandmothers and their flower gardens.

Linda said...

We used to make these for weddings and then tape them all over the cars. Fun times.

Geri said...


I'm also a baby boomer. I live in the country (sort of), and I love to read too!

I remember the tissue carnations. We used to make them as decorations for parties.

Anonymous said...

Remembered doing these out of different colored tissues and pipe cleaners or used bread ties to decorate the cars for weddings. I was too young to realize why certain colors were used at certain weddings! Was looking to make sure I remembered how to do it so my kids can help decorate our old car for a parade. Hope they find it as neat as I did then.