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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inspire Me Thursday-Coffee Break

Entertaining myself in a 4th floor motel room in Paducah, KY while Jim (hubby) was attending classes for his job, I was doing one of my favorite things; drinking coffee while looking out the window daydreaming. :)

Anyway, I started playing around with my camera, my hand, my coffee cup, and the morning light. I came up with several interesting, at least to me, photos. I like the first one the best, but the silouhette in the second one is kind of interesting too, even if it's not a particularly good photo.

For this week's Inspire Me Thursday challenge I'm sharing my quiet time with you.

"Coffee Dreams"-Photos


Bettkaa said...

beautiful photos.. :)

s.l.greek said...

great photos. and wonderful coffee dreams.
P.S. i read your sammie-dog story. he's one luck pup and thanks for making this world a nicer place by taking care of it's lost creatures!

namesconnie said...

Nice photos. Love the second photo of the coffee cup the best as you can see the beautiful view. I know it must be tough to get a photo with one hand holding camera and other holding cup. You did a great job. Sincerely, Connie

melanie said...

cup of coffee, a window with a view of a sunny day, and a camera in hand... what a perfect day!

johanna said...

those are lovely photos of that beautiful and quiet moment :-)

pattie said...

Thanks for sharing....Got to love that morning ritual for the self!