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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rose...Is it real...or not?

Isn't this rose gorgeous? Our niece, Kristy, put it in my gift bag Christmas, and I just love it. She had even put rose scented oil on it to make it smell real. She is so talented and creative, and a sweetheart to boot.

Kristy, her mom, and a friend hand made over a hundred of these for Kristy's daughter's wedding last summer, which I didn't make it to. I saw the pictures when we got together for Christmas though, and it was a beautiful wedding. There were several arrangements made out of these roses, and they looked amazing.

Can you guess what they're made from?

I believe she said she saw Martha Stewart make them on her show and found the pattern and instructions online. After the petals were cut out, they were put together, hand colored, and scented to fool the eye and the nose.

The rose brought back memories of my Granny P teaching me to make paper flowers and leaves from crepe paper and colored tissues when I was little. I loved making them with her and taking them to put on graves at decoration time. Wonder if I can still make them. Good memories.

Have you guessed the material yet?

Hint: Most of us use one at least once a day, particularly in the mornings.

Okay, I'll tell you. :)

They are made from used coffee filters. Isn't that something?

Well, enough about the rose, but I just love it and I'm honored to be the recipient of one. I found a pretty little vase and though I moved it to make this picture, it's usual place is on the fireplace mantel with the family photos.

I had a rose bush this color once, and I couldn't wait for it to bloom every year. Now I have one that won't die on me. :)

Isn't the color beautiful? Bye for now.

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