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Monday, September 24, 2007

Mondays And Groups

Happy Monday!

Most people don't seem to like Mondays. I didn't either when I worked outside the home, but now it seems like I have more energy and get more things done at the beginning of the week. By the weekend my tail is usually kind of dragging. :)

I have belonged to a couple of online groups for a long time now, one is a creative arts group and one a group on organization. I just dropped out of the second one because the activity on it has dropped to zero practically over the last few weeks. I really learned a lot of tips and got a lot of encouragement and motivation from the other members. They're a great and generous bunch of people and I will probably go back at some point, but my cleaning/organizing has come to a standstill at present, so for the time being I have dropped out.

The creative arts group has also been pretty quiet over the last few days. I've been pretty quiet myself on it, so I can't say much. I guess it's inevitable that there will be lulls in activity once in a while. It's a small group. I guess everyone is just busy working on their creative projects and with life in general. I usually have my morning coffee with them while I'm waking up, so it's like friends missing when there's nobody posting. This group has been instrumental in helping keep my creative juices flowing. They're a wonderful, talented, generous group as well, and I really enjoy their friendship.

I don't intend to get involved in too many groups because as much as I enjoy them, it takes a lot of time if you participate in them and you're still on dial-up internet. There are a lot of good ones and it's hard to choose just a few. So I dropped the one on organization for now, but I joined two different groups yesterday after looking through a bunch of groups on the topics I'm interested in.

I joined the women getting fit over fifty group and just sent in my introduction post this morning. It's a good sized group of over fifty year old women who encourage and support one another in getting healthy, exercising, and other problems that age and being overweight involves. I desperately need to lose some weight. I have been knowing this for several years. It has really affected my health and I am easily stressed, which compounds all the other health issues. I just cannot get myself to do anything about it...yet. I'm hoping that this group can help me and maybe I, in turn, can do or say something to encourage or help them. They ask that you post at least once a week and share your progress...or non progress. I can handle that. :) Wish me luck as I venture into an exercise and healthier eating program to not only get some excess weight off, but to make me feel better physically and mentally.

The other group is a post polio syndrome group , also a small group. I am a polio survivor so there is a risk for my developing this syndrome. This syndrome happens to many people who survived polio, went on to live normal, productive lives, then in their fifties and sixties the symptoms of the original polio come back, bringing a lot of muscle and joint pain, fatigue, etc., and completely changing their lifestyles, making them semi-invalid or invalids. There is no cure and it can only be diagnosed by eliminating everything else. Once diagnosed there are lifestyle changes to make it easier, supports such as braces, wheelchairs, etc., and medicines for pain, but no cure. Keeping your weight down plays an important role here too, as extra weight puts added pressure on already weakened or overworked muscles. The posts on this group are open to the public, but you have to be a member to post. I think I can learn a lot here. They seem like a wonderful, supportive group as well.

I forgot, I also belong to the writer's group in the Long Ridge Writing School, so that makes four groups and a blog that I post to and read. Perhaps that's why I can't get my current writing assignment finished and the housework is piled up. But it's fun. :) Have a great week!

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