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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wisdom Circles/Mandelas

Wisdom circles/mandelas inspired by Dion Dior in her workshop Wisdom Circles in 21 Secrets. The one above was supposed to be on a black background. I didn't have black paper or gesso, so I used a dark sheet of scrapbooking paper. I learned a whole new process for creating mandelas, which changed my thoughts about making them from negative to positive. I love making them now!

This one went a little wonky on me, but that's okay, it's freehand and about the process, not about a perfect outcome! It was actually my first one. The one above it was my second and a little better.

I painted a few layers on the paper then created a mandela over it on this one. I want to do one and paint the different design elements in too.
I could add a lot more to all of them, but decided to stop where I did and move on to the next class. :)
My father-in-law has been very ill and I've been spending a lot of time in waiting rooms lately. I always have a sketchbook and pen in my purse, and I've found this and found words poetry to be great time passers to get my mind off things.

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