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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Broken Hearts and Scars journal page

Remember this?

A bunch of shapes drawn and colored onto a journal page? The image that came out to me is on the finished journal page below. The words in the the heart say, "Broken hearts and scars teach compassion and build character." The page is built up with many layers of paint, writing and different techniques that were inspired by Dina Wakely's class on Intuitive Painting Layers in 21 Secrets 2012 (see sidebar for link). I believe registration closes Oct 1, but the classes are up until Jan1.

I like her a lot. Just wish the gold leaf pen marks on her clothes showed up better on here.

I have a double page spread inspired by another class almost finished that I've been working on this week too, despite life happening. Plus this morning I watched Alma Stoller's video on making a cereal box journal, which turned out very cool. That's on my list to try!

Oh, and I wrote one poem while sitting in the Dr.'s waiting room while hubby was gone in to see the Dr. with his dad, and a second one while I was sitting outside at my brother-in-law's house watching him and hubby work on his latest toy, a bobcat. Same day! I'll post them later on my Scribbles From Rabbit Hop blog. Right now, they're still scribbles in my Moleskine pocket sketchbook.

I guess I had a pretty creative week after all, and I'm very thankful that I have creativity to keep me sane and soothe my soul.

Have a happy and creative week! Thanks for visiting! :)


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

She is beautiful ~ and page is so creative ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor)

Karen Smithey said...

It's always to much fun to see art from beginning to end. I love it when original layers are all covered up--