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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Week's Creative Endeavors

Life is happening right now, big time, but I managed to get in a little creative stuff last week. This week, not so much. You can go to and click on the links to see a lot of wonderful inspiring work from other much more creative people than me. :)

Sunday: I blogged and posted on my blog and was inspired by other peoples' blogs.

Monday: I wrote down a list of words that spoke to me, wrote them on a seperate paper, then cut them apart and rearranged them into a poem. The words on the right are the ones I had left over. I put them in a box with other word blocks for future use.

I decided to glue the words down to the left page, then wrote it out below in gelly roll pen. The page still needs some work, but here it is for now. I also used some spray inks and a doiley stencil on the right page after writing the beginning line to a story, but I forgot to take a picture. :/

Tuesday: I gessoed two pages and added some fluid acrylic paints before taking my father-in-law to the doctor out of town.

Wednesday: I added handmade and found stamps with fluid acrylics to the  above pages, before taking my mama out of town to pick up her new glasses, and I got a haircut. The word Hope is written in green and needs a little more work to make it show up better. Anyway, I like the pages.

Thursday: I gessoed two more pages, using gesso mixed with fluid acrylic paint smooshed together by closing the pages together to add texture and pattern, added some homemade stamps, some rubbing plate/ink images, some spray ink, and some pencil accents and writing, and gessoed two more pages before taking my Mama out of town for a scan to check her arteries. This one is a reminder to myself. Not sure it's done either!

Friday: The above pages are a note to myself, and you can tell I was a bit frustrated. I wrote and doodled on the pages with water soluable crayons, pastels, and pencils, then rubbed them into the gessoed pages with my fingers, then I went over the pencil writing again to sharpen it back up and sprayed a sealer over them.

Saturday:  I know I've already posted this one, but I used an water soluable oil pastel over the whole thing, then rubbed it in with my fingers. Some of it came off the dried acrylics, some didn't. I like it better than the white background. It doesn't look so stark. I still need to bring out the images, so it is still a wip. I also gessoed two more pages.

I also experienced Chinese food for the first time. I loved stir fries already, but the restaurant was a whole new experience, and I loved what I ate. No raw fish though! :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful creative week, and thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet! :)

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