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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pink Tree Symphony Journal page

Have you ever seen a pink tree? Or heard a tree symphony? I have!

This page is on mixed media paper and is another experiment with masking tape and dylusions spray ink. I taped the tree form off, then sprayed the inks over it, let dry, and peeled the tape off, leaving a white tree form. The inks are intense, so I used some white gesso brushed on top of them, mixing with the ink colors. I used gel medium to glue decorative papers on the tree form, but didn't like it and covered them with modeling paste and let dry. I used a brush to add some of the ink to the tree, a stamp to add music, added a few spatters, and wrote the words, "Sit quietly in the woods and the trees will play you a symphony," with a pencil. They will too. I've heard them. :)

I may have been discouraged from making pink trees as a child, but trees are not always brown like we're taught as children. I, in fact, have seen pinkish grey tree trunks in the early morning light with the sun rising and touching everything with nature's paint brush, casting a pink light over everything it touches, and it was magical and beautiful, and I'm grateful to have seen it.

I love pink trees and tree symphonies! :)

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ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love your pink trees ~ very creative process and wonderful outcome ~thanks, namaste, ^_^