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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Journal Pages w Masking Tape, Napkins, and a Flyer

I was so tickled over the treasures that I found at Goodwill (see the misc label) that I couldn't wait to play with them. Isn't that just like a kid? lol

I left several blank pages in my Misty Mawn Open Studio journal, which I have now titled "The Misty Mawn Experience," so I created a double page spread about Spring, using the napkins and stamps that I found at Goodwill. I also bought a plastic canvas at JoAnn's the same day, which I used in the background with a spray ink wash. I cut the leaves out of decorative paper and used a blue metallic pen for writing and the dots. This is not for any particular lesson, but I used several of the techniques I learned from Misty. I "layered it until I loved it" and had a great time doing it. Spring is my favorite time of year.

I had a great time doing this one too, also in my MM journal. It started with a flyer that someone gave my husband about a bike rally the other day in the BBQ place. It's the background on the right side with the skull. I don't know if you can see it on here or not, but a lot of the writing on it is slightly visible through the layers. I glued down pieces of the same napkins I used before (the 2 ink figures), a sheet of the navy/cream floral cardstock from the wedding invitations, etc., using matte gel medium. I painted over all of it with titanium white and a little yellow ochre fluid acrylics and let dry.

I didn't particularly like it, and I had seen a tree made with masking tape somewhere, and I'm sorry I can't remember who shared it, so I decided to try it by masking a tree shape over what I'd done and spraying Dylusions spray ink over both pages, rubbing some of it off and letting it dry. When I peeled the tape off I loved the designs on it coming through from the layers beneath. The Dylusions spray inks are very bright and intense, and I lightened some of the places a bit. I have since learned different ways of working with them, but I love how the pages look right now.

There will be words added as soon as I decided what I want to say, but for now it speaks volumns to me without saying a word. :)

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