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Monday, March 19, 2012

Doris Personified

Several weeks ago I shared a pencil drawing of an animal from a b/w photo, which happened to be of our donkey, Doris, for a class assignment in Misty Mawn's workshop. Another part of that class was to use the same drawing to personify the animal.

Doris was looking like a bit of a card shark to me, so I gave him a cigar, a couple of real cards, some washi tape, some mixed media color, and a fabric partner in crime. Notice that the cards are the Joker and the Jack, both of which suit him to a t.

I should have cleaned up the edges before taking the photo, but I didn't. :/ It's a journal page, so I may or may not do something else to it. Anyway it was a fun page to do, and I like it.

Hope it made you smile. :)

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