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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter & Childs Play Workshop

Wishing you a Happy Easter!
I didn't realize that it had been so long since I posted. I've been so wrapped up in the 21 Secrets (see badge on sidebar) workshop projects and life that I lost track of time, I guess. I'm like Alice in Wonderland in the playgroud, jumping around from here to there, exploring everything, then trying it. I've learned some new processes and techniques, and I've found some new to me art supplies that I love and will definitely be using again. Connie has again put together a great collection of teachers and workshops!

I have at least three workshop projects in progress or almost finished right now, but here are some that I've done so far. The first is from Alma Stoller's class Childs Play, where I learned different ways to prep, stamp, and emboss, using magazine pages. I also made a terrific little journal in her class that I can't wait to fill, but I will come back to that later. I made tons of pages, so I'll only share a few with you for now.

 Some of the paper scraps are the negative shapes from where I did paper cutting that I learned in the first 21 Secrets workshops. I love that you can use anything in art journaling, so there is no waste, and you can combine all the things you love, like stitching, painting, pasting, writing, gorgeous papers, your hands...

 So much fun prepping the pages that I had a hard time stopping! LOL

 This page, and the next three, are in my watercolor sketchbook, where I tried out a couple of Alma's suggestions and some different items I found around the house! It was so much fun treasure hunting for stamps!

 I loved the embossing fun! Only problem was that I had liquid gesso and it tended to run under the edges, but it was fun, and I learned what I needed to, so it's all good! :)

 Stamping fun!

I love my little journal, and can't wait to fill it with things I learned from Alma and all sorts of other fun things! It was hard to stop and move on to the next workshop, but I did. I will for sure be doing more of these.

Thank you so much for teaching the workshop, Alma! You did great! I had fun and I learned a lot! :)

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