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Friday, February 11, 2011

Doodlicious Angels Among The Pages

A few more Doodlicious pages from my first journal. Fluid acrylic paint smeared onto purple cardstock with an old credit card, a scrap of painted watercolor paper glued on for a pocket, words torn out of a magazine, and Dove bite size candy wrappers with messages on the inside. I sewed two pages together with fun yarn and a needle just for the fun of it and to see if I would like it. I did! :)

Green cardstock with fluid acrylic applied with old credit card. Torn scrap paper with lines to write on. The words haven't presented themselves to me yet. The paper on the left is folded so that the top lifts up for writing on the inside too. I used zebra duck tape to hold two pages together...and because I LOVE zebra duck tape! :)

Same as the page above, except the tape is in a different place to hold two pages together. This one shows the jagged credit card edge more in the paint. Yellow cardstock. I really like these colors together. Is that weird? :/

This page is part of the large paint-doodled pages of poster board that I did to start the journal. I love music and I found these napkins at Wal-Mart. I seperated one so that I only had one ply, tore it up and glued it down with gel medium over the doodles. I love all the notes and turquoise squiggles. The words haven't come to me for this one yet either...but they will! :)

Ok, this one is part of a two page spread (second page below) and it started out as a thick textured scrapbook paper, which I painted over. The angels and hearts are cut out of a paper towel and glued on with gel medium. The cut-out design has been filled in with paint. The angels and hearts were originally painted black, like silhouettes, but they looked too Halloweeny, so I put a strip of zebra duck tape across the bottom, which didn't make me like it any better. I mixed a little red acrylic into some white gesso and painted over both, right over the tape, to make them pink (I love pink), added a face, hair, and arms. Then I glued white unruyu paper over the skirt, used a white gellyroll pen to squiggle over the bodice, and glittered the wings. The hearts were filled in with a red marker and squiggled on with a gold gellyroll pen. Everything was outlined with a Zig black marker, and I wrote words with a white gellyroll pen.

Doesn't she look like she's just itching to get into something?

This page was made the same as the other one, except that it's on a 6 x 9" manila envelope with a smoother surface, giving it a slightly different look, and, since it's an envelope, I can hide "stuff" in it! I really like these two pages, and I had fun figuring out and trying to get them to where I could live with them, let alone, like them!

 And I really did meet an angel in her sock feet once! :)

I still have some pages to finish in this journal, but I'm also beginning to work in a second Doodlicious journal, and I'm adding the finishing touches on a needle felted doll, which has also been a lot of fun. I'll show you when they're ready!

Hope you're having as much fun as I am with your creative endeavors! :)

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Rose said...

love the angel and the colors. thanks rose