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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doodles, Crow and Cow Sketches, & A NF Sampler

All of these were done with my sketch and wash pencil in my Moleskine, practice and play.
 I like to doodle while watching TV. The other night we were watching Blade II, and I did quick sketches of patterns in the background. They had to be quick; there's a lot of action in the movie. :)
I sketched a small version of this in the doodles above while watching Nights in Rodanthe. It was a black metal sculpture, sort of a room divider thing, in the movie, and it was gorgeous. So I decided to try a larger version in my sketchbook. I had already brushed on some leftover white gesso onto a portion of the pages, so I drew over it, then went over everything with a damp brush. It didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to, but there is a little charm to it, I think. :/

Clara Nell was sketched from an original photo, and is my first attempt at sketching a cow with a pencil. I tried one in paint when I first started painting, but it wasn't solid black like this one. Black objects or animals are very hard for me to shade. I decided not to use a damp brush on her. I left well enought alone, for once! She's not perfect, but she's mine, and I learned that I could do it! :)

I got in an order from Joggles with some new colors and textures of felting wool a couple of days ago. I wasn't quite ready to start another doll just yet (first doll in post before this one), and I didn't want to dig out something denim to try needle felting on, so I made a sampler, of sorts, on a square of wool felting that I had handy. It only took a few minutes, and it was fun!

I have way too many hobbies and way too many half finished projects and too little time! LOL


nanke's stuff said...

Your doodles are fun and interesting, and I love the drawing of Clara Nell! Very nice colors of wool to play with, too. nancy

Alex said...

Fun doodles indeed! =) I forgot the last time I did that...but I should!
The cow is gorgeous by the way.

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Excellent sketches ~ love to visit your blog ~ happy creating ~ hugs and namaste, artmusedog *_*

raena said...

oooh...fabulous cow!