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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Journal Pages and a Zen-Doodle

I've been sharing some of my background pages with you, so I thought I'd share some finished, or not, pages from my first Doodlicious Daybook. I've been learning, applying, and experimenting with different papers and techniques that I've learned in the 21 Secrets workshops. It's not a book of polished or great work, but a book where I've been playing and having fun freely, just letting myself go without worrying about the outcome.

The personal writing will come later, or I may just finish all of the pages and leave this one as is. I already have enough pages for at least three more journals stacked and ready to be assembled. Some of these pages were shared in the previous posts.

I've really taken a shine to the zebra duck tape I learned about. I recently found some cheetah patterned duck tape too, so look out! :)

I stitched two pages back to back with fuzzy fun yarn just for the heck of it!

A double-page spread-Swimming As Fast As I Can-One of my favorites!

This is a doodle on metallic gold poster paper. I don't know if you can notice the writing at the top or not. It says, "Which One Do I Chase?" Too many balls, too many goals and dreams can be overwhelming sometimes!

Hand crocheted lace, done by my mom or my Granny, off a worn out pillowcase. Look, there's a smidgeon of cheetah under the heart!

Sparkly eye torn out of a magazine ad and the skinny cow off an ice cream box. What can I say? I love the cow and the sparkly eye, so they found a home in my journal!


 Another one of my favorites-a double page spread. I've shown this before, but I went over the writing with a white gellyroll pen and added cat tracks to make it show up better. Behind the closed door is another cat, and on the back of the door I wrote, "Sometimes A Gal Just Has to have Some Time Alone."

 Paint doodles and paper napkins I found at Wal-Mart torn up and glued down. I may add more stuff, but I kind of like it as is.

 Swirly metallic pen marks not showing up! Neither is the writing under the strip, but they're there!
 Fun Page! The dog is also magic!
                                                          Notes to self!
 Words haven't come to me yet for this one. Still working on it!
 Glitter glue and I have not become fast friends!
 Metallic poster paper. I closed the book and the glitter glue heart on the left page shared itself with the right page, so I just incorporated into the page. Oops! There's another smidgeon of Cheeta tape!
 Zebra and regular duck tape, bubble wrap, cellophane, and scrap paper=a good time!
A page out of the second Daybook, made out of watercolor paper. More of the fuzzy yarn on the pocket. Love that stuff!

I didn't take time to crop the pictures to make them neat and tidy, because the journal is messy, and I kind of like the messy photos to go with it. :o
This page is not in a Doodlicious Daybook, but it is in my Moleskine pocket sketch book, which I took with me on a daytrip to the Toyota dealer yesterday. It was a four-hour round trip, plus two hours in the waiting room with a lot of other people, a service dog, and a baby. I plugged my mp3 player into my ears, took out my Moleskine and my Zig marker and just doodled away. The time went by quickly and I wound up with a full page zen-doodle? :/

If you're still with me, I hope you enjoyed  your visit and that you found something interesting or something that, at least, made you smile. :)


Elza said...

Fun, fun, fun! Happy stuff and I can see how much fun you had making it.

nanke's stuff said...

It's clear you had a great time with these spreads! I love the zebra duct tape - I've never seen that before! nancy

Sandra said...

Your pages seem so joyful! Love the duct tape.

Linda T said...

Wow, these journal pages are wonderful and so creative! What a treat!

Cathy Holtom said...

This looks such fun with good some creative ideas too.

Alex said...

Oh wow! I know that you've been away for a while(because you've been missed!) and all the sudden BOOM you got these posted on a single.
Great work, love all the creativity involved, especially the use of colors and materials.

Revelle said...

Wow, you journal is filled to the brim with so much energy! Love it!

raena said...

It does look like you had tremendous fun and energy doing this book! Wonderful pages!

Anonymous said...

What fun! loved the 'Swimming as fast as I can' pages!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Hi, our Doodlicious Daybooks were shared on Tracie's blog today. I love what you have done with your journal pages!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Your Doodlicious pages are fantastic, thanks so much for sharing, they are very inspiring! Makes me want to run home and get creating!!

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Love these journal pages and the rest of your art also ~ wishing you the best in the day ~ hugs and namaste, cz:)