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Monday, September 6, 2010

More Bead Experiments...

I'm still playing with my beads, among other things, experimenting with different bases for beaded bookmarks. Here are some of my latest ones. These are so fun to make!

Left to Right-Purple ribbon with small beads and one of my home made paper beads, black leather with copper and turquois beads, natural raffia with antique looking beads, Fun yarn with copper metallic and turquoise glass beads, orange raffia with glass beads (the large bead is actually a gorgeous dark blue).

The one in the book is one of my favorites so far. Love the fuzzy multicolored yarn! I started the book and as much as I was enjoying it, I got sidetracked and haven't finished it yet, but I will. :) Mama picked out a black leather one with antique looking bone and brown/orange/green beads to put in her Bible.

I got a lot of my large full sheets of watercolor, pastel, and printmaking paper out of storage yesterday and brought them into my dining room studio/rat's nest. I've had them for years, too expensive to mess up. I've decided it's better to mess them up by using them than for age and bugs to  ruin them. I'm thinking I may cut them into smaller sheets and make usuable art journals out of them.

I have so many projects in progress it's not even funny. And I keep seeing all these new things that I want to learn or try. I hope I live long enough to at least finish what I have started with a few new things thrown in. It's all fun anyway, as long as I'm making something! :)

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