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Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is my first sketch in several days, and I'm a little rusty and unsure of myself. It's also the first page of a new Moleskine sketchbook/journal.

I was inspired by a photo that my cousin Ryan shared on Facebook during his trip to Florida this week of a white heron standing on the deck outside a restaurant where Ryan was eating. Apparently, the heron is a frequent visitor begging for food and has been  affectionately named George. He was peering through the window at the patron. Ryan says he was really funny to watch.

Something about George spoke to me and made me want to sketch him, not once, but three times. The page turned into an amusing trio of rubber-necking herons. I'm glad Ryan shared the photo, because I had had absolutely no desire to draw anything for several days and maybe George has gotten me jumpstarted.

I sketched George #1, in the middle, first with a zig permanant marker. As I said, I was a little rusty and unsure, so he looks kind of stiff and rigid. George #2, on the right, is some better, but George #3, on the left, is more fluid and relaxed looking. I was more relaxed by the time I sketched him, and he looks a little more natural.

Anyway, George was fun to sketch, and I hope my little trio made you smile. :)


nanke's stuff said...

It did, indeed, make me smile. Animals (including birds) are just so interesting and amazing, aren't they? Thanks for sharing the pic and the story. nancy

phthaloblu said...

I smiled as soon as I saw them. Great sketch and story. Thanks for sharing.

raena said...

George made a wonderful trio! I like all three of him being on the page. Great job!

Ramona Davidson said...

A very elegant trio. Great sketch.

Dan Kent said...

They're great - I expect them to break out in song! I hate those first pages of Moleskines. This time I skipped mine, and went to the second!