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Saturday, November 14, 2009

AEDM Day 14-Doll Sketch-Solange

Solange is a hard plastic doll with a vinyl head, from the late 50' s or early 60's, and is fully jointed so that she can be posed in any position. She was made by Uneeda and is one of their Dollikins. I found her at a Nashville flea market in her birthday suit, and she was sooo embarrassed. She had been a ballerina, so I combed her hair into a bun and put soft rubber pink ballet shoes on her. Mama made her a pink satin dress. It's a tad big in the neck, but Solange loves it.

Solange is about 20" tall standing. I seated her because the rubber bands that hold her together need replacing and she can't hold the poses standing. Good thing I decided to sketch my dolls. They are in need of new elastic bands and some other minor repairs. I'll have to get on that soon.

Solange is a great model for practicing real people because she can be posed in so many ways. Even her wrists are jointed, and she's much prettier than one of those blank artist mannekins that I bought years ago. :)

She is seated so far to the left because when I started her this morning I was going to loosely sketch her in two or three positions on the same page. This as far as I got, so I added some words to kind of balance her on the page. I like her! ;)


raena said...

I love what you said about the artist mannekins because it reminded me that my mother has dolls like this I could be drawing from! Infinitely more interesting!

Ramona Davidson said...

She's adorable. Great sketch. Love it.

Possum Patty said...

A Lovely pose. She looks like a model.