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Thursday, November 19, 2009

AEDM 16,17,18, & 19- Four Doll Sketches

AEDM Day 16-This doll is also Solange, except that I decided to practice foreshortening and posed her this way. I changed her face and hair to give her a different look, and I also added the joints that I left out of the other two drawings. I didn't realize that the face was so round and chubby looking, or that I got carried away with the darks on the face, until I posted it. Oh well!
AEDM Day 17-Also Solange, except I changed her hair and dress. I know there's a hard line around her neck, but this is where her head sits on her neck. She is, after all, a doll. :) I haven't been worrying about getting an actual likeness, but this actually favors her, and if I'd gotten the mouth a little smaller it would have looked a lot like her.

AEDM Day 18-A little 8" bride doll that I found at a flea market. I got her likeness pretty good. She's hard plastic with a mohair wig, The wide piece in the skirt is lace and there's a wide ribbon around the waist, tied in a bow in the back. She's also wearing a veil. The whole thing is brownish with age. Her white shoes are painted on. She's very old, but timeless. I like her a lot.

AEDM Day 19-A porcelin boy doll that daddy got for me. I meant to draw his whole body, but got the face started too big. He would have been without feet AGAIN, so I stopped here. :) I think he's part of a pair. He's waiting for a kiss and has a rose in his hand. Daddy thought he was so cute. His jacket is actually plaid, but I didn't have the patience to try it this morning, so it is what it is. One of the handful of boy dolls that I have in my collection.
A few times I've had to make myself start the sketching, even though I really enjoy it once I get the first mark down, but I am learning so much and gaining in confidence. It's absolutely been worth doing, and I'm glad I've been able to sketch every morning so far.
The next series may be my angel ornaments or a series of painted dolls. I'd never done a series before, and I'm finding it very interesting. Who says dolls are for children? :)


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful sketches. I love the idea of drawing dolls, much easier to get them to sit still rather than children.
Thank you for sharing.

Alan Burnett said...

We are all finding the series interesting Sharon. Much more than interesting actually, it is both enjoyable and it provides an insight into your approach to the work.

Kelly said...

Lovely modeling!