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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dance To Your Heartbeat and Blu Sox

The Creative Every Day challenge for this month is nature. This and the previous two posts don't have much to do with nature. I seem to be in face and character mode right now in my creative endeavors. Leah gives us the freedom to post whatever we are creating, thank goodness. I say thank goodness, because I tend to forget what the theme is when I'm "playing." :) You should go to the CED site and check out the other participants work. Lots of wonderful, inspiring, creative souls there.

The untitled piece above is mixed media and is the closest thing to a nature piece that I have finished. I threw in everything but the kitchen sink in a frenzy of playtime. It has watercolor/ink/pencils, stenciling, homemade sponge stamps, a regular stamp, a little acrylic and some gouache paint, and I probably left out something, but there it is. It has leaves, eggs, and petals, so I guess you could call it nature. LOL

This one is also an experiment in painting in black and white with a touch of blue watercolors, using a large sea sponge and a brush in another "play frenzy." I wish I'd left the blue slice off of the heart, but nonetheless, I wanted to share it, just because I like it and it was fun to do. :)
You might check out the two posts, or more if you want to, before this one to see a couple of unique characters that I posted this week also.
Hope one of my efforts makes you smile. :)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi sharon!
oh i love your new paintings!
you are so inspiring!

Carolyn said...

I like what you're doing. You have to experiment to learn and grow.

andrea said...

hello. i saw you on CED and wanted to come over and check out your art. wow! i love your style. i just got my first moleskine watercolour sketchbook and am looking forward to using it. you are inspiring me!

Annette Q said...

I really like your mixed media piece- its got fantastic shapes and colours. A really lovely first visit to your blog:-)