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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Artygirlz, Smile, and Nettie the Belly Dancer

This week's challenge at Artygirlz is Smile. I decided to enter Nettie, the Belly Dancer and her coy little smile. She is 11 1/2 " tall plus her hair.

Nettie is my second attempt at an art doll. She has been made for several months, but I've been waiting til I found the right embellishments. I still haven't found what I wanted, so I improvised temporarily with some of my jewelry. She's using a box lid for a stage today, which is a little short, but it was what was handy. :)

She is made of off white cotton material with inspiring words printed all over it, which I found at Hobby Lobby, so she has a few tattoos. Can you see Joy on her cheek, magic on her neck, and heart on her arm? She is stuffed with fiberfill. I intended her to be much rounder all over than she is, but I made my own pattern, so she is what she is, but I like her. Her hair is fun yarn and is inspired by Cher's hair in her "Believe" video. What can I say? Nettie is a wild child and a free spirit, much like Cher.

Her face is painted on, as are her shoes. Her pantaloons came from a sheer tieback, and her little satin scarf is a pj scrap with fringe added. She has a red heart sequin in her belly button and buttons and ribbon for her bra.

Of course, she's nothing like I envisioned her when I started. I didn't think belly dancers had pockets, but she insisted, so there you go. She also insisted on wearing her red toe shoes with the little pearl buttons. Nettie is new to belly dancing, but she is enjoying it very much.

Incidentally, I named her after my Aunt Nettie Verle, who was by no means a belly dancer.

Close up of Nettie's face. Sorry about the picture quality. It's very cloudy here today. The top one is without flash and the bottom one is with. Hope she made you SMILE!


Crissi said...

shes fantastic sharon i realy love her.

Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

crissi xx

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi sharon!
oh i just love her!
you are so talented!

Julie Allain said...

You are so talented Sharon this is wonderful!!

Thanks for joining in with the Smile challenge

Julie x

Chaska said...

What an absolutely wonderful doll!!!
You are very talented!