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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bunny Blue

A quote from Emily Dickinson that I like:

"If I can stop one Heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain
If I can ease one Life the Aching
Or cool one Pain

Or help one fainting Robin
Unto his Nest again
I shall not live in Vain."

Just wanted to share a large doodle sketch that I did when I first started the doodles. This is the image that I pulled out. I just love the expression on his face.

Hope he makes you smile. He always does me. I just want to give him a hug. :)

Bunny Blue-watercolor pencils sketch

Thursday, March 26, 2009

IMT Challenge-Ghost

Two small fiery lights glared at her from the deserted Rabbit Hop Cafe. At least she thought it was deserted. It had been abandoned years ago when all the patrons were scared off by the large cats that took over the grounds.

The fading words spelling out the name on the painted top were barely visible in the pouring rain as she looked out the window.

A ghostly apparition appeared from the right as multiple orbs of light danced around the old Cafe in the dark cloudiness of the day. Nobody in the house believed her as she described what she was seeing.

The image of a coyote sat howling up toward the eerie lights. Shivers ran down her spine as the lights looked directly back at her, then bounced down and across the yard.

She was glad to be safely inside the house. It was real. The proof was in the pictures.

After all, pictures don't lie...or do they? *

Photo (no photoshop) and story by SP Pope

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jen's Trash to Treasure Blog Party

Jen is having a Trash to Treasure party on her blog this morning. Go on over and see all the pretties that have been given a second life! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

IMT Challenge--I AM...

The IMT challenge this week is to finish the sentence "I am..." with one word describing myself. This a page in my sketchbook using inktense pencils and water on a doodle sketch.

I do sleep a lot, but I dream whether I'm asleep or not. Colorful dreams. I love daydreaming while sipping coffee and watching the animals in the back yard. It's like a circus out there and sometimes I join in. :)

Hope she makes you smile!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

IMT Challenge-Swirls

The challenge for this week at Inspire Me Thursday is Swirls. I did these pages in my Moleskine sketchbook while listening to Guns and Roses' version of "Knockin on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan. I didn't know at the time that the theme was swirls. I closed my eyes and just let my pencil move as I listened, then I went over the lines with a black sharpie, filling in some spaces, and adding a face. The way the light was hitting the page added to the effect.

Artygirlz, Smile, and Nettie the Belly Dancer

This week's challenge at Artygirlz is Smile. I decided to enter Nettie, the Belly Dancer and her coy little smile. She is 11 1/2 " tall plus her hair.

Nettie is my second attempt at an art doll. She has been made for several months, but I've been waiting til I found the right embellishments. I still haven't found what I wanted, so I improvised temporarily with some of my jewelry. She's using a box lid for a stage today, which is a little short, but it was what was handy. :)

She is made of off white cotton material with inspiring words printed all over it, which I found at Hobby Lobby, so she has a few tattoos. Can you see Joy on her cheek, magic on her neck, and heart on her arm? She is stuffed with fiberfill. I intended her to be much rounder all over than she is, but I made my own pattern, so she is what she is, but I like her. Her hair is fun yarn and is inspired by Cher's hair in her "Believe" video. What can I say? Nettie is a wild child and a free spirit, much like Cher.

Her face is painted on, as are her shoes. Her pantaloons came from a sheer tieback, and her little satin scarf is a pj scrap with fringe added. She has a red heart sequin in her belly button and buttons and ribbon for her bra.

Of course, she's nothing like I envisioned her when I started. I didn't think belly dancers had pockets, but she insisted, so there you go. She also insisted on wearing her red toe shoes with the little pearl buttons. Nettie is new to belly dancing, but she is enjoying it very much.

Incidentally, I named her after my Aunt Nettie Verle, who was by no means a belly dancer.

Close up of Nettie's face. Sorry about the picture quality. It's very cloudy here today. The top one is without flash and the bottom one is with. Hope she made you SMILE!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Red Fox in Black Boots

We've seen this red fox in the backyard two evenings this week. The first time it was running one of the cats across the yard until it found some cat feed and it stopped to eat that. It was right before dark. It saw us watching it through the kitchen window and didn't run.

I wondered where Sammidog was and went to the door to see. He was laying on the porch with his feet dangling off the edge watching the fox. The fox didn't move until I stepped out on the porch and yelled at it. It ran through the fence and up through the pasture.

Of course, as soon as it started running away Sammidog took out after it like he was going to eat it up. He stayed on this side of the fence though. :)

Click on to enlarge --See his black boots

Yesterday evening it came back a little earlier and I managed to snap a couple of photos through the window over the sink. Sammidog was on the porch and the cats were all hiding. The fox was looking for something to eat as it ran back and forth on the little bank behind the house. All of a sudden it started toward the porch.

I made a racket trying to get a closer shot of it through the window (below) and it turned and ran back across the yard with Sammidog giving chase. It is so beautiful, but dangerous, not only to our animals, but to us. Sadly, we will have to do something about it. It's the first fox we've seen in a long time, and it's much larger than the others. I love animals and I always want to make a pet out of everything that wanders into the yard, but that's not a good idea most of the time.

I started to delete the above photo, but when I adjusted it some and enlarged it, it looked kind of dreamy looking, and I liked it, so I'm keeping it. :)

Sammidog and the cats were all acting hyper-alert this morning, and Sammidog was whining and carrying on, so the fox is probably still around close. Jim thinks it may have a den in the hayfield next to the house. He's seen a den that something is using. We'll see.

Sorry about the picture quality, but I had to take them through the dirty window over my sink. Didn't have time to clean it first. :)

Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2009

CED Check In-More Doodles

These pictures are a portion of the doodles I did this week in the CED challenge. I continued to do at least one a day every day, but I decided not to show all of them this time. I also did this one and this one this week on this blog and this one on Scribbles. Well, I actually did Ze Artiste a while ago, but I just decided to share her this week.

"Rabbit Ears"--is a Judi doodle. The image was drawn out of the shapes with a pencil and gone over with a black sharpie in the Moly journal. I will color him evenutally and write around him. Excuse Sammidog's face from the previous page looking over his behind. Too much sharpie. :)

"Sammidog"--is a Melissa doodle in the Moly sketchbook, colored with watercolors/pencils. I did add the toe divisions and the face with my eyes open. I forgot his face when I was drawing with my eyes closed. ;)

"Kibbles and The Cats"--is also a Melissa doodle, but in the Moly wc book. I added the ball and their whiskers after I opened my eyes.

Not too much arting this week. I played on Facebook and with my mp3 player too much. :) I did take some of the clay, that I softened up to make a doll, out and played with it some. I think it's now too moist. It got all over my hands like biscuit dough, and I can't stand stuff on my hands. I had to wash it off that time, but I am going to work with it again. I'm determined to sculpt a doll out of it somehow. :)

Hope one of these made you smile. Have a great week. I plan to! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Artygirlz Challenge-Blue & Yellow

Memories Passing...

The Artygirlz challenge this week is Blue and Yellow. This is a journal page in my Moly sketchbook using inktense and wc pencils, watercolor, and pencil to color my Judi doodle sketch. I don't know if you can tell, but the whitish oval on the right is a fur muff over her left hand. Her other hand is holding a tulip and her purse. She just looks to me like she's having a lovely memory pass through her mind. So lovely that she had to close her eyes and remember.

The Moly pages are slick, which is why the watercolor looks like it does, plus I have a bad habit of doing the whole thing with whatever brush I start out with, but I like the brushstrokes kind of helter skelter looking. I'll go back later and write an entry in the blank place on the left.
Hope she made you smile. :)

My Melissa Doodles in Gallery on Pugnotes

The blind doodle drawings (I call them my Melissa doodles) that I did of Kibbles (1981-1997) trying out a new doodling technique, are being featured, along with several others who tried it, in a gallery on Melissa's blog page Pugnotes.

She generously shared the technique a few days ago on her blog. Her pug drawings are such fun that I wanted to try it, and I loved it. While you're there check out Melissa's blog. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks Melissa! What fun!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Introducing Ze Artiste

I thought I would share "Ze Artiste in Ze Raspberry Beret" with you this morning. She is one of my first Judi doodles in a regular sketchbook on thin paper. I was learning to use the wc pencils. Her colors are made with wc/pencils and a black sharpie. She loves the color blue/green and her raspberry beret. She feels every bit the artist in the beret and when she's wearing it she means business. Can you tell? :)

I just love her, and she always makes me smile when I see her. Did she make you smile? I hope so. Have a great day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

CED Journey For The Week, IMT, & Artygirlz

Come go with me on this past week's creative journey as I share some of my goings on with you for the Creative Every Day, Inspire Me Thursday (Moon this week), and Artygirlz (Butterflies) challenges. I hope you enjoy the trip. :)

Note: I have learned a new doodle technique this week from Melissa Langer, who has a cute blog with her creations using this technique. So when I refer to the drawings as Judi doodles, they are the ones where I drew shapes with my eyes closed, not thinking about what I was drawing, then let the image emerge. When I refer to them as Melissa doodles I drew an image I had in my mind, only I drew with my eyes closed.

Fly Me To The Moon...And Back--Inspire Me Thursday
Monday--I played with my mp3 player and danced with Cher, and drew the above Judi doodle sketch in the Moly wc book. The words, Fly Me To The Moon...And Back!, were digitally added.

Tissue Carnation
Tuesday--I played on Facebook some, then set up the above still life of a tissue carnation in an old Vick's Salve glass jar and practiced drawing and shading for a change, using a regular old pencil. It wouldn't make really dark darks. I drew in my Moly sketchbook. I wrote a long group note to my regular email buddies and sent it, just to let them know I was still living. Then I painted yesterday's moon rabbit doodle with wc/pencils/white gouache and added digital words to it.

Little Blue Elephant
Wednesday--Played on Facebook some more, then drew and shaded the little elephant figurine above from both sides in the Moly sketchbook. The white gouache hi-lites didn't help anything. I also touched up the rabbit painting again.


Kibbles Marie
Thursday--Played on Facebook again. Got out a couple of seashells. I bought a bowl of them at a yard sale for almost nothing. I have some that I've picked up myself, but these were different. Anyway, I drew them and shaded them from two different angles in my Handbook sketchbook. I added a pale pink wash to the top one just to see how it would look.

Then I decided to try a Melissa doodle, so I closed my eyes and pictured my Pekingese dog-baby, Kibbles Marie, and started drawing. She has been gone for over eleven years and I still miss her every day. I was surprised at how well I did. Color was added with wc/pencils. This was also in the Handbook sketchbook. I also listened to good music by several of my favorites and spent time with Jim and his dad.

The Handbook is ok for just drawing, but the pages are thin, so they buckle with even a light wash and sharpies show right through, so you can't use the backs of pages. I much prefer the Moleskine books.

Mardi Gras Butterfly-Artygirlz


Kibbles doing what she loved best.
Friday--More Facebook playing (it's new to me), but I also did two Melissa doodles of Kibbles and colored them with wc/pencils/snippet of white gouache and black sharpie words. Again in the Handbook sketchbook. They are meant to make you smile/laugh. Kibbles loved to play ball, but she was nowhere near that skinny. She actually had very long hair all over. I meant to post a photo of her, but forgot to get one out.

The butterfly above Kibbles is a Judi doodle sketch in the Moly pocket wc book and is colored with wc/pencils/white gouache/fluid acrylics, and a black sharpie. Then I took a creative nap. :)

Kibbles in a predicament

Purple cat gestures
Saturday--More Facebook playing and blog reading. I have to stay inspired you know. I also touched up two paintings and did a page of cat gesture drawing studies in the Moly sketchbook with a purple uniball pen. The words are digital.

On the other side of the spread is another Melissa doodle of Kibbles colored with wc/pencils. She looks like she's sliding backwards and can't stop, but I did have my eyes closed afterall. :) These are fun to do. Thanks Melissa for inspiring them.

I chatted with some friends on Facebook, then Jim and I ate minute steak sandwiches and popcorn while we watched two movies on TV together, 10,000 BC (not very good) and Shutter (good).

Tree Snow

Sammidog in motion always-Loving the snow
Sunday--I know a lot of you are sick of snow, but this is our first one this winter, aside from a little dusting way back. So I'm only sharing a couple of pictures out of the many that I made this morning. As you can see, Sammidog was having a blast.

So far today, taking pictures and uploading them and working on this post has been my creative endeavor for the day. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I did a little writing for the One Minute Writer challenge and posted it on my other blog and spent time drinking coffee and chatting with a friend.

I made pictures of some other things besides the snow this morning, but I'll save those for another time. I've also spent quality time with Mama every day, and I've had some very creative colorful dreams this week. I wish I had written them down before they slipped away.

Anyway, I hope something on here made you smile and put a little bright spot in your day.

Have a wonderful, creative week. I plan to. :)