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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Music and Jesters

Quirky Art Journal Sketch-"Jester"

I discovered two new musical artists this weekend that I thought somebody might enjoy.
One is Dana Fuchs. I watched the movie "Across The Universe" last night and she plays the landlord/rocker in it. The movie is set in the 60's amidst all the turbulance and is a love story/musical featuring Beatles songs, so if you enjoy the Beatles music you might check it out.

If you like the blues, Dana is amazing. Reminds me of Janis Joplin, only better. I found and added several of her songs to my playlist on the right. You may have to scroll down. I also found some videos of her performing on utube. I had never heard of her, but I'm glad I watched the movie. I love the Beatles' songs and enjoyed the movie, but Dana really stood out in it and I became a fan.

Then today on Just Be Connected Melba posted about what she's been watching, reading, and listening to and she had a link to the Foiled album by Blue October. I had heard of Blue October but wasn't familiar with their music. She enjoyed it so much that I followed the link and had a listen for myself. I liked them, so I also added a few of their tracks to my playlist if you want to have a listen, or follow the link to Just Be Connected and read what Melba and others are reading, watching, and listening to. You may discover something new to try. You might even want to add your own list in the comments. Enjoy!

I joined the Be Brave challenge the other day and have faced a few things that scare me and did them anyway this weekend, but I'm too sleepy to write about them right now. Maybe later.
Click on the Be Brave button to the right for an explanation of the challenge. It's inspiring.

Today is the first day I've missed for a few months doing a quirky journal sketch and it feels odd to me. Just didn't get to it today. However, yesterday I colored one and started painting another one, plus I started a painting based on Alex Shur's technique which is featured in the Sept/Oct Cloth, Paper, & Scissors magazine, so I guess it's ok. I do love doing them and I missed my morning doodling though. :)

Hope the little jester makes you smile. She was one of my first. :)

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